Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lumia 900 – the Hero has arrived

This article is just my analysis of the tweets containing the hash tag #Lumia900 to understand how social media helps in shaping public opinions and how it can make or break something! This is not an actual review of the Nokia Lumia 900 but merely a reflection of the Twitterati discussing about it.

Behold the knight in the shiny polycarbonate armour, the Lumia 900. The flagship phone of Nokia has a lot of burden on his shoulders, for he needs to rescue not one but two princesses, the damsel in distress trying to reclaim some market share, Nokia and the beautiful, young maiden waiting to be wooed by suitors, Windows Phone OS.

There was quite a lot of excitement prior to the launch of Lumia 900. The emotions ranged from excited people having ordered and waiting (im)patiently to get their hands on their shiny new toy to disappointed fans who couldn’t order it in white as only black and cyan were available for pre-order.

AT&T has gone all out to get this phone in the hands of as many people as possible by putting an attractive price tag of $99 with a two-year contract. A lot of people who visited the AT&T stores were also smitten by its beauty. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Amazon offered it for half the price at $49 with a two year contract. AT&T and Amazon’s aggressive price cuts let customers pre-order for as low as $0.99 to $0.01, with some reports claiming Amazon Wireless gave it away for free!

Lumia 900 won the Smartphone Mobile Madness 2012 poll with a 70.6% share conducted by beating many heavyweights like Samsung Galaxy SII, iPhone 4S, Lumia 710,etc.

On the whole, the Lumia 900 managed to garner a 94% positive feedback, 4% found it disappointing and 2% were somewhat happy with it (the percentages provided here have been calculated based on the comments mentioned in the tweets and not through any poll like the one provided earlier). The slightly dissatisfied customers found the camera to be the sore point in the phone. There were some defectors from the Apple camp, who were clearly in love with the fresh and silky Windows Phone interface. Apart from the hardcore Apple fanboys, the loyal HTC customers felt left out as their Titan and Radar got sidelined and Lumia 900 being promoted as ‘The’ Windows Phone.

The deciding factor is choosing a Smartphone is the availability of apps. Currently, Windows MarketPlace is no match to iTunes Store or Google Play, but Microsoft is slowly trying to increase the developer interest for its platform. A lot of tweets were related to new apps being launched to take advantage of the large 4.3” screen of the Lumia 900. One repeatedly re-tweeted link was a list of Top Ten apps which I found very interesting. Some twittizens were hoping for the hugely popular Draw Something app to be available in Windows MarketPlace. As a Windows Phone user myself, this is my wish too!

Well, everything seems to be in favour of Lumia 900 at the moment and the Hero is surely stealing hearts. Now we will just have to sit back and see if this flagship device of Nokia makes a dent in the Smartphone market dominated by iPhone and Android devices.

Disclaimer: All ideas, thoughts or reviews published in this blog are my personal opinion and not that of my employer (Samsung).